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Friday, March 23, 2007

Who's swimming the Tiber

We are getting very close to Easter Vigil. So, who is planning to be received into the Catholic Church this Easter? I know that there are at least two CC blogroll members anticipating thier confirmation in a couple of weeks. Please offer your prayers for Mark at Rise and Pray and Matt at Absolutely No Spin as they near their Confirmations.

Please leave a comment if you are planning to be received into the Catholic Church soon so that we can all join in the joy of welcoming you home.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris!

Antonio said...

My poor prayers for them.
And a big: WELCOME HOME!!!!

Joel said...

I am celebrating my 3rd Catholic Anniversary this year. It has been a truly blessed experience.
I pray and hope for the same for all of you entering into full communion with Christ's Church this year, and I pray even harder for you who have not come to this point yet.
Peace in Christ

Matt said...

Thanks for the prayers everyone!

UltraCrepidarian said...

It's my 5th anniversary. I was received in 2002. I will pray for all those being received this easter!

Welcome to you all!


Quiet Man said...

Why it took me 25 years I will never know. Perhaps I was being tested, and taught, and tempted. But after wrestling with it and praying about it, I finally just went back to confession and emptied all my sins of a quarter century.

Did this yesterday, and I will receive the Blessed Sacrament tonight for the first time in a long time. I never thought coming home would be so liberating.

Blog has just started, but here's the address anyway.