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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Confirmation names

With Lent and then the Easter season quickly approaching there are probably many in RCIA who are thinking about which saint's name they will take a confirmation.

I thought it would be interesting if everyone would write a short post on their blog or leave a comment here about the saint who's name they chose to take at confirmation. If you write a post on your blog please leave put a link in the comments section here.

I chose St. Augustine of Hippo. You can read at little about my reasoning here.


Anonymous said...

I chose "Patrick". mostly in honor of my deceased Irish grandfather, whom I had never met.

Cow Bike Rider (alias, Chris Sagsveen) said...

I chose St. Joseph. I wrote a post on it here...

Shieldmaiden96 said...

When I was confirmed I was heavily involved in Irish politics. (Story foe another time and place.) So I chose an Irish saint. I didn't know enough about other saints to yet have one whose philosophy resonated with mine; I simply picked Brigid because she was associated with Ireland and all things Irish were precious to me. She's the patron saint of dairy farmers.
Oh well. I like milk.

Karen said...

I choose Angela for Saint Angela Merici.

My post about it here:

Heide Seward (aka, Miss Climpson) said...

I chose St. Thomas More--as did my husband. I am a former Episcopalian, and I am firmly convinced that the roots of the current chaos in the Epis. Church and the Anglican Communion in general go right back to the sin of those in authority who separated the Church of England from the Church of Rome. Sir Thomas More was one of the very few secular authorities who stood up to Henry VIII, and he was, of course, martyred for it.

He is often chosen as a patron of lawyers and politicians. My husband is a lawyer; public policy is my bailiwick.

Also, St. Thomas was a man who knew when to keep his mouth shut and when it was time to speak up. This is a character trait I need to cultivate more fully. Perhaps I can, with the help of my patron's prayers.

spanishcatholic said...

I chose St. Teresa of Ávila, since I knew her best (I wrote a number of papers on her "Life", letters, and other works). I appreciate her two-tiered intellectual and emotive/affective conversion, and really want to dig into her mysticism.
She's also the patron saint of headache sufferers, which is helpful for a constantly-reading grad student!

Anonymous said...

I chose the Blessed Mother. Mostly because my middle name is Marie, but also because my interest in the Guadalupe image is what got me started looking into the Church in the first place.

Shannon in Texas

Daniel Bennett Page said...

What a coincidence: I chose the name Augustine for my reception and confirmation on the 1st Saturday in Lent last year. I too venerate Augustine as a founder of Western Church and perhaps the most compelling voice of Christendom's first millenium. My given middle name, Bennett, commemorates the great patriarch of Latin-rite monasticism. I saw the two as complements in defining the Godly life.

Bryan G. said...

The saint name I chose was Colm, a variation on St. Columba, who though born in Ireland was also well-known in Scotland for his work at Iona, off the coast of Scotland. Since I am of both Scottish and Irish descent, I thought the name would be quite appropriate. After reading a little about him at the Catholic Encyclopedia website, I may write more about this in a future blog entry. Thanks for making me think about this...oh, he also is said to have died on June 9, which also happens to be my birthday, which may be another reason I chose his name, although I'm not sure about that.

spiritualexercises said...

Although I still have a username at Blogspot, my blog is at WordPress:, Journeying with St. Ignatius.

Bernadette said...

i chose St. Bernadette, but i was only in the fourth grade when i was confirmed. some of my reasons for selecting Bernadette are here: on the right side, under "about me". (warning: it's a doosey.)

God's richest blessings upon all who are entering the Church this Easter! :-)