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Saturday, April 12, 2008

24 Hour Rosary for Vocations: Starting Soon!

If you haven't signed up to participate in praying the Rosary for Vocations, please consider doing so. April 13 is World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Since we are going off the time in Vatican City it starts at 6:00 PM tonight on the US East Coast.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Chris, the link in your post does not work -- it has a trailing quote (%22) at the end of it.

Angie said...

I will be praying the Rosary for Vocations from 1-2 pm Central Time today. Thank you for encouraging this!

Santiago Chiva de Agustín said...

Hello. Congratulations for your blog. Do you know why the young people pray the holy rosary? You can watch here fifty testimonies of young university students
(in Spanish, with english subtitles)
See it:

Santiago (Granada, Spain)