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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Welcome Anne

A homeschooling mother of four, I was a Southern Baptist all my life until I converted to Catholicism. My children and I joined my husband in the faith in January of 2006. After many years of marriage, my conversion had nothing to do with the faith of my husband but everything to do with God’s leading in my life and has been an awesome gift.

Visit Anne's blog The Kid Sidter of Blessed Imelda.

On a side note:
This blog has been floating round out there since May 2006. Until today the all time record was 14 page loads. Today, as of 10:47 PM CST, the blog has had 137 page loads from 89 unique visitors. That's doesn't count the numerous times that I've loaded the page in the last few hours. I almost gave up on this project several times and in fact neglected the blog for several months.

My thanks to everyone who has been linking to Catholic Converts today. We were even the subject of a message to a Catholic Yahoo group! My hope is that this will become a great gathering place of converts to the Catholic Faith and a valuable resource for those considering making that journey.


Schütz said...

What's the secret of your success? I found out about your site today from a friend who sent me the link.

Chris said...

The credit goes to:
Mark at Rise and Pray who joined a couple of days ago and also become an author on this blog. He got things started by linking here and his blog directed me to a few others.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker at Standing on My Head who joined today and made a post about Catholic Converts. Once he made his post the hits really started to skyrocket.

And someone who posted a message to the Catholic Spitfire Grill group on Yahoo.

Plus the rest of you who have joined up and started linking here in the last few hours. As Mark pointed out in his first post the Catholic Converts it's all about God's timing. Man, talk about timing. Let's make this a great place for converts and those discerning a conversion.

Chris said...

I would be remiss to not mention that Anne has also sent a message to the same Yahoo group with more details about the blog. Looks like we may have another rush of hits tomorrow.

I found out about this Yahoo group from my statcounter.

If you all hang around here or at my other blog Calling Rome Home enough you will find that like many bloggers I'm pretty stat crazed.