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Monday, June 26, 2006

New option for cradle Catholics to support Catholic Converts

Be a "Friend of Catholic Converts". It's easy. Just link to Catholic Converts on your site or blog (use one of the badges if you wish) and send an email to

That's it and you'll be listed as a "Friend of Catholic Converts".

Yes, I do want to build links and traffic to this blog. But the purpose for doing so is the hope that those thinking about coming into the Catholic Faith or those recently received into the faith will be able to use this blog as a resource in finding other blogs that deal with the unique stories of other converts.

BTW, anybody can be a contributor to this site also. Maybe you have some good RCIA type information, or a prayer that someone thinking about conversion might enjoy, etc. You just have to be faithful to the Church and its teachings. Send an email to the address above.

More about me can be found at Calling Rome Home.

Friday, June 16, 2006

New badge added

There are now three sizes of the Catholic Converts badge. I added a small one for those who don't like to clutter up thier pages with large graphics.

Of course, I personally find the new small graphic very boring compared to the two larger sizes.

Check out the badges here

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Catholic Converts saved from . . .

. . . the delete button. That's right, yesterday I had made up my mind to abandon this little project. Then, to my surprise, a new member yesterday. And then another one today. So, I guess I'll keep it going.

Planned additions to the blog:

  1. A third, and smaller, button option.
  2. Contributors: If you are interested email me. I'm not talking about having to post everyday. Just the capability to if you run across a particularily good conversionstory, what to share your own story, profile a famous convert, etc.
  3. Once I find a good image of St. Augustine of Hippo I'll be adding that too. I choose Augustine as my confirmation name while reading The Confessions. I think he would make a great patron saint for this blog.
  4. Book list of books helpful to converts and those thinking of converting. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Welcome Matt

I'm in the process of converting to the faith and my blog is chronicling the process. I'd love to be added to your blog roll once you've gotten a chance to read my stuff and decide if its right to put on your list.

Check out Matt's blog HERE

And be sure to check out this post The Long Swim Across the Tiber

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Members and Contributors welcome

The vision for the Catholic Converts blog is to be a place that dedicated to the unique stories of converts to the Catholic Faith. If you would like to join please email me and place the Catholic Converts badge on your site.

Catholic Converts is also looking for contributors who would like to have posting capabilities on this blog. If you would like to be a contributor please email me. Be aware that your blog will be reviewed to judge faithfulness to the Church and its teachings before you are given posting capability. Faithfulness to the Church, Pope, and Magisterium is expected on this blog.

Send emails to


Welcome to the Catholic Converts blog. Check out Teresa's blog here.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Welcome to the Catholic Converts blog. Check out her blog HERE.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Catholic Converts Looking for Members

The idea for this blog is that it be a place that converts to the Catholic Faith can list thier blogs. Ideally, this would be a resource for individuals who are considering converting. It would be a place that they could find the blogs of other converts to the Faith.

If you are interested in joining the Catholic Converts blog please send an email to

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Catholic Converts badges

Please feel free to add one of these badges to your site. If you would like to be added to the Catholic Converts blogroll on this site please send an email to or leave a comment on on the site. From time to time I run across a site with the badge that isn't on the blogroll. That is prefectly fine with me, I appreciate the link. However, I do like to return the favor with a link back but I don't put any blog in the CC blogroll unless the owner asks.

Three size are available.


Use the following code:

<a href=""
target="_blank"><img src="

Use the following code:

<a href=""
target="_blank"><img src="


Use the following code:

<a href=""
target="_blank"><img src="

WordPress Users: I've had some people mention that they couldn't get the badges to work in WordPress. In your sidebar editor, you should be able to paste the codes into a Text Widget.