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Monday, June 26, 2006

New option for cradle Catholics to support Catholic Converts

Be a "Friend of Catholic Converts". It's easy. Just link to Catholic Converts on your site or blog (use one of the badges if you wish) and send an email to

That's it and you'll be listed as a "Friend of Catholic Converts".

Yes, I do want to build links and traffic to this blog. But the purpose for doing so is the hope that those thinking about coming into the Catholic Faith or those recently received into the faith will be able to use this blog as a resource in finding other blogs that deal with the unique stories of other converts.

BTW, anybody can be a contributor to this site also. Maybe you have some good RCIA type information, or a prayer that someone thinking about conversion might enjoy, etc. You just have to be faithful to the Church and its teachings. Send an email to the address above.

More about me can be found at Calling Rome Home.

1 comment:

Cody Stauffer said...

Hey, there. I wouldn't be recognized as a convert by the Roman Catholic church, but I do believe I am a member of the catholic (universal) church. I want you to know I support the Roman Catholic Church as my brothers and sisters in Christ. Great idea for a blog, by the way!