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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Any former agnostics or atheists out there?

A reader has submitted a request for conversion stories from former agnostics or atheists. The reader isn't looking for intellectual or academically argumentative stories, but rather ones of a more personal nature. If you have a story to share please post it in the comments section or email it to All names and email addresses will remain anonymous. Here is the reader's original question with non essential information deleted by me.

I have been attempting to find some stories of people who have come into the church from an agnostic or simply apathetic conscience. . . All atheistic conversions seem to be those of the intellectual bent, those do not interest me as much. The reason I am searching is that I am a recent convert and my wife is not a believer. I am hoping reading some others experiences will help me on our journey together, that I may ultimately help her come into the fold through her own desire.


Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

That would be me. :) I was an atheist my entire life up until a couple years ago, even as a child. Please tell your reader to feel free to email me (link on my profile). I also chronicled much of my conversion on my blog.

Also, I would ask why he's not interested in conversion stories with a focus on the intellectual aspect of it?

Anonymous said...
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Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

Thanks Alex, that helps a lot. Of course I would never try to get my significant other to do things I do not like to do. We are exceedingly similar with the exception of a few things. Do you really feel as though marriage is something so weak as to be thrown away at the first signs of trouble. We are here to support and strengthen our spouses, and vice versa. I do not know what anger fuels your posts but I seriously do not see what is so wrong about wanting to share experiences and beliefs with your spouse. Would you be against the sharing of an interest in art or evolution? If your wife suddenly converted to Catholicism would you deride her in the same manner you have me, or would simply get over yourself and grow up, or better yet divorce her?

Anonymous said...

Fine, I'll tone it down for you, do you believe marage is based only on belief? Sure, who doesn't like sharing bright ideas, unfortunetly, your religion isn't an idea, it's a belief. Comparing ideas and belief is like comparing apples to oranges. Ideas will change, evolve (even though you don't believe in evolution) and prosper. Beliefs are definet, the bible will not up and change its pages. Why are you even on the internet discussing, "ways to turn my husband into something he's not" instead of enjoying the things you married him for? Life is to short, get a devorce or, as I said before, get over yourself.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

First a word of advise. One is taken much more seriously when one is fully aware of what he is saying. This question is from a man in relation to his wife.

If we want to split hairs here I'm afraid you are using the idea of evolution in two different contexts in your comparison. Personally my views on evolution in relation to life don't fit into this conversation. However, I do believe that it is possible for science and religion to not only co-exist but complement each other. Do I believe that humans evolved from apes? No, and the scientific theory of evolution can not provide sufficient evidence to prove otherwise. However, I will concede that the theory does posses evidence to suggest that various life forms have evolved/adapted in order to survive in new and changing environments. Do I believe this to be possible as an action of God? Yes

But all of that is beside the point. As Christians we are called to love others and lead them to Christ.

Sharing the peace and joy that we find in Jesus Christ is one of the greatest acts of love that we can perform. That Jonathon wants to share this with his wife is hardly a reason to suggest that he divorce her. Rather, it is a sign of his love for her.

I would also have to argue with your assertion that religion is essentially static. Some of the beliefs held in Catholicism started out as ideas. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit those ideas became part of the Faith. On the other hand some of the greatest minds in the Church's history had ideas that never became part of the Christian belief system.

Jonathan said...

Thank you Chris, you stated that much more eloquently than I would have been able to. I just threw evolution into the mix in my previous post because I know it is an "idea" that many agnostics, atheists, and millions of others "believe" in with a fervent passion akin to religious zeal. I personally believe in theistic evolution. The Church Christ founded does not force us to choose between faith and reason, it does not shackle and bind us into a tiny box. I do simply wish to share the faith with my wife because I know her better than anyone else and love her deeply. I know how a renewed faith would heal her emotional wounds and aid feelings of emptiness. These are only things a husband can wish for his wife if he himself has felt these same wounds himself, these very same bough's with emptiness, I wish these things for her because I have been healed and my emptiness filled Alex; I wish the same for her, not simply for her to be more like me.

John Seymour said...


I was a professed agnostic for most of my adult life, after being raised as a cradle Catholic. My reversion story is here. My wife converted to the Church at about the same time I reverted. I don't know that I would have had the courage to make the journey on my own. I understand entirely your desire to share your faith with your wife. Anyone who doesn't understand that, clearly hasn't felt the joy; hasn't understood with Augustine that we will search restlessly until we find our rest in him.

Frankly, I want to share what I have with the whole world. :)