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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Catholic Converts saved from . . .

. . . the delete button. That's right, yesterday I had made up my mind to abandon this little project. Then, to my surprise, a new member yesterday. And then another one today. So, I guess I'll keep it going.

Planned additions to the blog:

  1. A third, and smaller, button option.
  2. Contributors: If you are interested email me. I'm not talking about having to post everyday. Just the capability to if you run across a particularily good conversionstory, what to share your own story, profile a famous convert, etc.
  3. Once I find a good image of St. Augustine of Hippo I'll be adding that too. I choose Augustine as my confirmation name while reading The Confessions. I think he would make a great patron saint for this blog.
  4. Book list of books helpful to converts and those thinking of converting. If you have any suggestions please let me know.


usque ad mortem said...

Chris, you never know just how many people you might reach- even one- and your blog has proven its worth.

On Friday the Gospel reading was of the sowing of the seeds (Matthew 13) and I was reminded of that when I chanced upon your item.

This blog has enormous potential and I hope you maintain it.

Greg Long

usque ad mortem said...

Perhaps it was more than a coincidence that you received those two messages, Chris.
This Weblog is meant to stay.

God Bless,

Greg Long (Australia)

Anonymous said...


Re books, I would recommend these to converts:
- The Path to Rome, ed. by Fr Dwight Longenecker;
- What Catholics Really Believe, by Karl Keating;
- The Way, by St Josemaría Escríva; and
- Catholicism for Dummies.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I wouldn't mind being a contributor. It might help to focus my writing about conversion.