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Friday, April 13, 2007

Catholic Converts Poll #4

Time for a new poll. Thank you to everyone who voted in the last one.

This options in this poll follow no particular theme. They are topics picked out of the index of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Which aspect of the Catholic Church was/is the most difficult for you to understand and/or accept?
All Male Clergy
Priestly Celibacy
Infant Baptism
Veneration of relics/images/etc.
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Anonymous said...

Um... none! ;-)

Anonymous said...


Rod said...
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William Eunice said...

I struggled with relics as it relates to things more like incorrupt saints. Interestingly I assumed this was an uncommon difficulty yet I see it rates pretty high here.

Anonymous said...

The most difficult thing for me was/is the Eucharist and Adoration. I still struggle that it is really Jesus and not just symbolic. I have read Scott Hahn and the Church Fathers till I'm exhausted but after 40 plus years as an evangelical it's hard to change. I have prayed and struggled, but when I go to Adoration all I see is a wafer and I can't see Jesus. I accept Mary and her perpetual virginity, purgatory, papal infallability,and praying with the saints, but this and going to a priest for confession are my stumbling blocks. ..sue

Petra said...

For me it was life after death (go figure! I believed in God and Christ and the Eucharist and stuff, but had problems with life after death!) and the veneration of Mary (and also the other saints). I don't come from a Protestant background, so the Eucharist and the sacraments were just obvious.