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Monday, April 23, 2007

CC Blogroll Members: We've Been Tagged

The entire Catholic Converts Blogroll is hereby tagged for a meme.
The Favorite Saints Meme.

Favorite Saints Meme

Leave Your Head At The Door

The parameters are:

Your four favorite saints

Your favorite blessed

One person that you think should be a saint.

This is a pretty tough meme. If you participate it would be great if you left a link to your post in the comments section.


Mark said...

This might be hard for me, because I don't know that many... but I'll try!

Mark said...

Hey, Chris,
Try this for size. Apologies if it's not very good, but Saints is a weak-spot for me, biography-wise.

Winnipeg Catholic said...

Sheesh. I've gotten into St. Mary (obviously) and St. Joseph, but 4 of 'em?!? It takes time to get to know someone.